Turkish firm BMC showcases Vuran 4x4 Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle at ADEX

Turkish firm BMC showcases Vuran 4x4 Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle at ADEX

9 september 2022 0000

From 6 to 8 September 2022 the 4th Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition - ADEX-2022 is held in Baku. The Turkish company BMC is showcasing its Vuran 4x4 Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle at its booth.

Produced by BMC in the Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle group, Vuran stands out with its 9-person carrying capacity, high protection, and mobility. The newly configured BMC Multipurpose Armored Vehicle Vuran 4×4 provides protection against mine and ballistic threats with its monocoque type armored cabin and windows, shock-absorbing seats, V-structured lower part, weapon station, and emergency exit hatch.

BMC Vuran stands out with its front and rear cameras, automatic fire extinguishing system, Run-Flat tires, central tire inflation feature, remote-controlled automatic weapon station option, A/C heating and cooling features.

Various features of the vehicle, particularly the power pack and axle layouts, have been modified to further improve the vehicle's performance following tests and analyses conducted by BMC. Various subsystems included in the tender specifications were also integrated into the vehicle.

These include the ASELSAN SARP Dual remote-controlled weapon station, CBRN protection system, jammer, smoke mortars, fire extinguishing system (for personnel compartment, engine compartment, exterior of the vehicle, and tires), frame for windshields, cable cutting arms, and hydraulic winch.