Tactical-special exercises were held in the commando military unit

Tactical-special exercises were held in the commando military unit

22 december 2021 0000

According to the combat training plan, Tactical-special exercises were held in the Land Forces Operations Commando military unit, the Ministry of Defense told APA.

According to the exercise plan, based on the obtained intelligence data, the area where imageniry enemy's sabotage group was supposed to commit a provocation was determined. In order to suppress the the sabotage group’s provocation, the commandos left the places of their permanent deployment on alert and moved to the operational area.

Various redeployment methods were used in harsh climates and areas with sharp terrain. During the operation, the commandos ambushed by the subversive group of the imaginary enemy made a quick decision and trained the rules of repelling the ambush and conducting reconnaissance in the area.

The main objective of exercises is the development of tactical skills in the conditions of day and night visibility, as well as the further development of operational capabilities of the Commandos.

Specialists demonstrated high professionalism during the exercises and accomplished all the assigned tasks.