Portable detectors of chemical warfare identification agents

Portable detectors of chemical warfare identification agents

8 September 2022 0000

Simon Walles, Sales Director Europe and Central Asia, Serstech AB (Sweden)

We represent here at the exhibition two companies that have joined forces - Proengin and Serstech AB. The resulting tandem is successfully developing portable devices for the detection and identification of chemical warfare agents. We offer handheld detectors and stand-alone 24/7 surveillance systems. Our products are used in more than seventy countries.

With our instruments, you can detect a threat, localize it and identify the weapon being used. Thus, you can accurately determine that you have a dangerous substance, as well as its variety.

This is our first visit to Azerbaijan and the region as a whole, so we did not know what to expect. But to our surprise, everything goes very well, on the first day visitors showed an active interest in our products: we held negotiations with potential partners.

We hope that during the remaining days of the exhibition, interest in our stand will not subside, and we are always ready to tell you in detail about our products. As for the organisation and holding of the exhibition, I would like to note the high level of support from the technical staff: all questions that we have are quickly resolved.