Modern electronic developments in the sphere of defense

Modern electronic developments in the sphere of defense

7 september 2022 0000

Adi Pais, Director of Marketing Communication Department, Elbit Systems (Israel) 

Our international high-tech company specialising in electronic developments in the field of defense participates in all ADEX exhibitions in Baku, and we have an official partner in the country - a local company DES. We are satisfied with the format of cooperation with our Azerbaijani colleagues. 

We are exhibiting a novelty at our stand - REST (250/500 kg guided air bomb targeting system) for high-precision bombardment at a distance up to 120 km. 

Models that are in demand all over the world are also presented - the LIZARD / MPR modular air bomb guidance system, which is compatible with MPR concrete-piercing air bombs of 250/500/1000 kg calibre, and the CONDOR MS multispectral strategic aerial photography system. 

The MWS airborne missile attack warning system, the DIRCM airborne missile protection system based on a directional infrared laser, which can be placed on board military helicopters are also worthy of the specialists’ attention. 

There is also interest in the GATR guided tactical missile and the long-range high-precision supersonic air-to-ground missile RAMPAGE. 

Our main activities include equipment for military aircrafts and helicopters; production of commercial aviation systems and aero structures; unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and much more. 

The ADEX 2022 platform is also important for expanding our ties and contacts.