Azerbaijan displays QFAB 250 LG guided air bombs at ADEX 2022

Azerbaijan displays QFAB 250 LG guided air bombs at ADEX 2022

9 september 2022 0000

During ADEX 2022, Azerbaijan is displaying the QFAB 250 LG guided air bombs. The 250-kilogram laser-guided HE fragmentation aerial bomb was created in a joint project prepared by the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense Industry and the Turkish company "ASELSAN".

Three samples of aerial bombs have already been created and it is planned to test them. After the completion of the tests of the inert samples, it is planned to proceed with the tests of the combat samples.

The aircraft bomb "QFAB-250 LG" has a length of 3,300 millimeters, a diameter of 240 millimeters, and a weight of 270 kilograms and will allow to reach the target with a deflection of 10 meters at a distance of 12,000 meters.

Guidance and targeting can be carried out with the help of the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). The aircraft bomb "QFAB-250 LG" was created according to NATO standards and is designed to meet national needs, as well as for export.

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