ADEX exhibitions are always held at the highest level!

ADEX exhibitions are always held at the highest level!

8 September 2022 0000

Adalat Verdiyev, military expert 

- I attend all ADEX exhibitions. They are always held at the highest level! 

I would say with confdence that ADEX is a kind of barometer indicating interest in Azerbaijan in the field of military cooperation. Naturally, Azerbaijan's victory in the Patriotic War played a noticeable role in this. 

This year I am pleased with the active participation of local companies and manufacturers of defence products. It is significant that the development of scientific and technological progress at such a high rate has an impact on the military sphere. The range and level of military equipment is growing year after year, acquiring a universal trend.  Therefore, our domestic manufacturers must make progress all the time. 

The visit to the ADEX exhibition of the President of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief H.E. Ilham Aliyev underlines the attention that the state pays to the military-technical equipment and defence of the country. The participation in the exhibition of people involved in the army and defence industry, from the senior military officials to cadets of specialised educational institutions, heads and employees of defence enterprises, representatives of military departments from all around the world, leading world and domestic companies, demonstrates the importance of this event in Azerbaijan. 








I believe that we should most efficiently use the opportunities of the exhibition for further development of the Azerbaijani army and strengthening the country's defence capability