ADEX - New military and civilian small arms from the Kalashnikov Concern

New military and civilian small arms from the Kalashnikov Concern



Alan Lushnikov, President of the Kalashnikov Concern JSC

JSC Concern Kalashnikov is the largest Russian manufacturer of military automatic and sniper weapons. It is the flagship of the domestic small arms industry, responsible for about 95% of the production of small arms in Russia.

The enterprises of the Kalashnikov group of companies produce not only small arms, but also specialized complexes for military and civilian purposes, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, high-speed assault and assault boats for special forces, and high-precision missile weapons.The products of the Kalashnikov group of companies are supplied to more than 27 countries around the world.

At the ADEX 2022 exhibition, the Kalashnikov Concern will present a line of new products in the field of military and civilian small arms. In particular, Kalashnikov assault rifles of the Ratnik and 200 series, as well as the PLC self-loading sports pistol, Saiga-9 EXP and Saiga-AKSU self-loading carbines.

Machine guns of the Ratnik series, while retaining the signature features of Kalashnikov's weapons, have acquired increased combat characteristics, improved ergonomics, and compatibility with modern sighting systems for day and night operation.

Kalashnikov assault rifles of the “two hundredth” series are a new stage in the evolution of the AK system. Compared to the basic models, the 200-series assault rifles received a more convenient folding buttstock, adjustable in length, an improved fuse, a new receiver cover and a forearm with Picatinny rails, which provide convenient and easy mounting of modern day and night sights and other tactical accessories.

The novelties of the Kalashnikov Concern in the field of civilian small arms are designed for high-quality shooting training and practical shooting as part of applied shooting sports.

As for eventual visitors to the exhibition in the segment of military small arms, we would like to see, first, professional military personnel, specialists who are able to appreciate the quality and effectiveness of the samples presented by the Kalashnikov Concern. As for our civilian small arms, they are designed for the mass consumer who has a taste for weapons and the desire to have weapons from the world-renowned Kalashnikov brand in their arsenal.