ADEX - Increased interest in new technologies

Increased interest in new technologies



Firdovsi Mammadov, Baku

I'm an aerospace agency employee. The theme of the exhibition is very interesting to me and my colleagues. We often work on the development of various projects, so we always need more information. ADEX 2018 allowed us to learn about the latest technology. We talked with representatives of foreign companies that interested us. We liked the open exhibition and the innovations presented. It is pleasing to meet familiar brands, but with new products of modern technology at the exhibition.

I think that the exhibition is primarily useful for new generation of specialists, to whom we want to convey our experience in the future. They have an ample opportunity to learn about new products in real life, not on the Internet; here they can see the models, talk with specialists and learn about the progress in this area. I would like to advise all young specialists and students to show more interest to such events.