ADEX - Aramid fabric is as strong as steel!

Aramid fabric is as strong as steel!



Denis Utkin, Head of the Marketing Department, The Korolev Private Silk Factory (RF) “Peredovaya Tekstilshitsa”

We participate at the ADEX exhibition for the second time and hope to find partners who produce bulletproof vests, parachutes. This is due to the fact that we specialize in the production of technical fabrics, which are used in bulletproof vests, helmets, plating of aircraft, helicopters, and as well as in creation of different types of parachutes. We are ready to deliver such fabrics.

The uniqueness of our fabrics is that they are made mainly of aramid - a synthetic polyamide, which has high strength and thermal stability. If compared with the world-known para-aramids of “Kevlar” (DuPont) and “Twaron” (Akzo / Acordis) brands, our fabrics have higher strength characteristics, although the thread thickness is less. Thus, bulletproof vests from our fabric are lighter and stronger.

Aramid fibers are not inferior to the steel in strength, while it is five times lighter than steel.

This also determines the main application of para-aramids as a cord for tires, as well as for the production of lightweight ballistic materials. Aramid fibers are 10 times thinner than a human hair, but their combination allows withstanding bullets and debris, creating the best armor protection. Products from such fabrics are in demand in the defense complexes, ministries of emergency situations and police.

Among the CIS countries, we have recently established cooperation with Kazakhstan, and hope to attract Azerbaijan as well.