ADEX - Modern electronic warfare (EW) systems

Modern electronic warfare (EW) systems



Igor Sadovskiy, Director of the RADAR Design Bureau, “Radar Systems” Holding (Belarus)

We are engaged in the creation of radar, radio reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures systems. We already have two years of experience in supplying products to Azerbaijan. We participate at the ADEX exhibition for the second time, demonstrating the models of the three-coordinate radar detection station “Vostok-3D” and the development of the electronic warfare “Groza-6”.

Radar stations are mainly designed for radio technical forces and are capable of performing constant airspace monitoring.

Electronic warfare systems have two main purposes: suppression of reconnaissance and radio communication systems in the widest range (from 30 megahertz to 6 gigahertz), including suppression of the AWACS data channel (Airborne Warning and Control System, which is in service with most NATO countries).

The model of the “Groza-S” station - a specialized station for combating unmanned aerial vehicles, which detects drones and blocks the channel for transmitting information from to the drone; it is also presented at our stand. The station is capable of distorting the navigation field through the creation of a false satellite constellation to bring the drone from the trajectory to another area. The “Groza-S” station increasingly attracts interest, and in particular, from Azerbaijan.