ADEX - French companies ready to supply technology to Azerbaijan

French companies ready to supply technology to Azerbaijan



Edouard Penning Reef, Commercial Director of CIFAL (France)

- The joint stand of France is represented by various companies in the defence sector - CIFAL, NAVAL, ECA-group, Ixblue, Lacroux. For several years we have been negotiating with the enterprises of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan and we count on the success of the implementation of mutually beneficial projects.

In particular, at the level of the leadership of Azerbaijan, a great interest was attracted by the NAVAL Group project to create patrol warships on French shipbuilding plant in Baku, which is a unique cooperation proposal.

We are interested in diversifying the economy of Azerbaijan and we want to make a feasible contribution. All French companies are open for partnership and ready to supply high technologies to Azerbaijan. NAVAL is one of the world leaders in the construction of military ships and the creation of naval defence systems, Thales in the field of electronics (in particular, cooperation with AŽD), ECA-group - drones, Ixblue - navigation systems that do not require a satellite.

The CIFAL office in Baku has been functioning since 1993; the company renders services in the field of defence, construction, air navigation, energy and environmental protection.

ECA-group presents innovative solutions in Baku concerning safe operation at offshore facilities, in particular, oil and gas production platforms, on ships.

Lacroux provides software that is active in e-commerce. The work was based on three pillars: electronics, the creation of alarm and telemetry, which is used on projects on water. There are factories not only in France, but also in Germany, Poland, Tunisia and Spain.