ADEX - Secrets of Electroshock Weapons

Secrets of Electroshock Weapons



E.A. Stolyarevskaya, General Director at LLC MARCH GROUP

- LLC MARCH GROUP is a leading Russian manufacturer and supplier on the market of non-lethal self-defence means. The main activity of the company is the production of effective electric shock weapons. About sixty percent of electric shockers in Russia are produced and brought to consumers by MART. At ADEX 2018, we present electroshock weapons, both civilian and special means for police, as well as self-manufactured inspection devices that differ significantly from the security features of the world market. Our developments are significantly different from all the safety features on the world market. For employees of the Russian law enforcement agencies, we have created a new class of hybrid special means that combine the functions of several products. This is a unique multifunctional device - an electric shock shield and a metal detector with a built-in electric shock. We also produce shooting electric shock and video-inspection devices with enhanced functionality.

LLC MARCH GROUP aspires to expand the geography of its activities, selling its products beyond Russia. The company has representatives in more than ten countries. We are participating for the first time at this exhibition in Baku and we hope that the work on ADEX will be fruitful. Of course, most of all, we would like to acquaint our representatives of law enforcement agencies interested in it with their products, respectively, we are waiting for them near our stand. We guarantee that devices similar to our hybrids will not be seen anywhere else.