ADEX - Targeting equipment for armoured vehicles, aircrafts and helicopters

Targeting equipment for armoured vehicles, aircrafts and helicopters



Dmitriy Zhidkov, Deputy General Director of Shvabe Holding (Russia)

Shvabe, an optical holding company of the state corporation Rostekh, which covers up to 98% of the optical industry of the Russian Federation, produces sighting equipment for all types of armoured vehicles, aircraft and helicopters. Part of the products is presented at the ADEX 2018 exhibition at our stand.

We also exhibit a range of sights for small arms with different nuances, depending on the tasks. So, our sights for sniper rifles have good recommendations in the world, are easy to use and are in high demand.

We participate in all ADEX exhibitions, and in general, the state corporation Rostekh has long-standing close ties with Azerbaijan; part of our products were delivered to the country within the framework of military purchases carried out by Azerbaijan until 2018 from the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of this exhibition, numerous negotiations are envisaged, as well as the signing of a contract with the Azerbaijani side. In Baku, we will meet with companies from other countries, as well as Russian partners.

In the future, the issue of opening a holding office in Azerbaijan is being worked out, which depends on the size of the contracts. The Shvabe organisation employs more than 18 thousand highly qualified specialists with invaluable experience and knowledge, which are successfully implemented in new projects.