ADEX - Azerbaijan-Israel cooperation in strengthening security

Azerbaijan-Israel cooperation in strengthening security



Yevgeni Kilshtok, Regional Director of SIBAT (Israeli Ministry of Defense, International Cooperation)

- The Israeli national pavilion operates at all ADEX exhibitions in Baku; this year 12 companies present their products and new developments in weapons, security systems, etc.

We have established a long-term successful cooperation with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a good market for the sale of our products; we are proud of our partnership and actively participate in the international tenders of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan, Border Guard Services and other structures.

The quality and high technologies of the products of the defence industry of Israel are well proved and in particular, in combat conditions. Therefore our projects and business proposals are in great demand, although with each year the competition intensifies.

Representatives of Azerbaijan and Israel are constantly holding talks at different levels. Therefore, every successful project implemented for Azerbaijan represents Israel's undoubted pride. We are glad to share our experience for strengthening national security.