ADEX - Fibre-optic technology for perimeter protection

Fibre-optic technology for perimeter protection



Oleg Kharkin, Sales Organization Engineer, Magal Security Systems (Israel)

- "Magal security systems" has thirty years of experience developing exclusive protection systems, implemented at numerous sites around the world.

The company participates in the international ADEX exhibition for the first time, presenting information on strategic defence facilities of the structures of the Ministry of Justice, oil enterprises, nuclear and power plants through the installation of special fences (entrance and exit), underground protection equipment, radar and surveillance systems.

Azerbaijan is interesting to us because its defence and oil enterprises are developing rapidly, and it is entering the world market with this production.

Such strategic facilities need special protection. We have an exclusive fibre-optic technology for perimeter protection.

Earlier, we performed AZAL order to install a fence around the perimeter of the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, and participated in ensuring the security of several residences of the President of Azerbaijan.

At the ADEX exhibition, we want to find new partners and distributors for our products.