ADEX - Weapons and ammunition of all calibres

Weapons and ammunition of all calibres



Iliyan Zagorchev, Regional Manager at Arsenal 2000 JSCO

The Bulgarian company Arsenal has 140 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and commercialising military and civilian products. This is the largest company in South-eastern Europe, specialising in production of weapons and ammunition of all calibres. Among our products are mines, pistols, automatic weapons, machine guns, hand-held AT grenade launchers, AT mounted grenade launchers, etc., in all about ten thousand items. Note that our products meet NATO standards. The company conducts a full production cycle, only purchasing raw materials.

Of the new products that will be presented at our stand, I would point out especially the new NATO standard machine gun 7.62x53 mm, the single-shot grenade launcher 40x46 mm, the multi-loading grenade launcher 40x46 mm, and various kinds of ammunition.

Arsenal is the principal supplier of thermobaric products, starting with hand grenades (40 mm, 40 × 46 mm), mines (60 mm and 80 mm), hand-held AT grenade launchers and AT mounted grenade launchers (thermobaric shot), etc.

We have previously participated in the exhibition and have been represented in Azerbaijan for a long time. We hope to continue working in your country, and we are here looking for partners, most especially the state.