ADEX - ArtOS – Exactly on target!

ArtOS – Exactly on target!



Sherstyuk Yaroslav Nikolaevich, representative of the company ArtOS

At ADEX 2018, we will present a unique automated fire control system for artillery units – the Artillery Operation System (ArtOS), developed by Ukrainian designers.

The principal benefit of ArtOS is its ability to reduce training time significantly, from detecting the target to performing artillery fire missions. ArtOS eliminates calculation errors and can transmit the finished command in no less than two seconds. Thanks to ArtOS all calculations are automatic; it calculates data for firing artillery pieces, determining coordinates, performing topographic and geodetic adjustments, and also making corrections to calculations for firing proofs, and all of these data are transferred directly to the gun commander and gunner. The ArtOS system is applicable to all types of guns, MLRS and mortars, currently used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the exhibition, we plan to showcase the opportunities and advantages of the ArtOS system as compared to existing similar systems of other countries. We are ready to conduct training of personnel to work on the ArtOS system and practical combat firing on any model of Soviet artillery armament in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the system in their territory.

We are also preparing to hold individual presentations for representatives of the rocket and artillery troops from other countries represented at or visiting the ADEX exhibition who express interest in our ArtOS system.

We look forward to cooperating with all interested parties.