ADEX - New line of high-speed warships

New line of high-speed warships



Vadim Akimov, Sales Director for East & South- East Europe, Damen Shipyards Group

- Two years ago we first participated at the ADEX exhibition in Azerbaijan, and now we are here again. The region is developing rapidly, and the need for security and protection is also growing. The Damen Shipyard Group has long provided support to countries and naval forces, providing custom designed high-performance vessels, fit for purpose while delivering economic efficiency.

In particular, our stand presented models and information about the new line of compact Sigma high-speed warships ranging in length from 59 to 105 m and above; Sigma 10514 guided-missile vessels, Stan Patrol 5009 high-speed patrol boats and others.

We willingly deal with the naval forces of Azerbaijan. The exhibition is well-organised, with a large number of major suppliers of equipment and systems from Europe and other countries, which indicates that the interests of supply and demand generated markets are represented here. In general, I felt that the country has developed rapidly in recent years.