ADEX - Aerospace and defence cluster brings together 75 companies

Aerospace and defence cluster brings together 75 companies



Mustafa Hatipoglu, Ph.D, Chairman of Bursa Aerospace and Defence Cluster (BCCI)

- Bursa is a centre of automation, machine-building and textiles in Turkey. In 2013 an aerospace and defence cluster was created there, uniting 75 companies, and its leading activities involve both military and civilian applications. The aim of the cluster is to ensure the supply of the Turkish armed forces (air, land), and to participate in the Turkish space program (satellites, space ships), etc.

We are participating at the Azerbaijani ADEX exhibition for the first time and want to establish relationships with organisations interested in cooperation. To this end, we present at our stand diverse products which demonstrate the potential of the companies included in our cluster - engines, tissues, parts for ships, planes, tanks, etc., as well as in the provision of service support in the defence sphere. We expect many professional visitors at our stand.

The exhibition has made a very good impression, entertaining a large number of participants and visitors. There are many Turkish exhibitors, which is natural taking into account the close fraternal relations between our peoples. The potential for cooperation is extremely high, and we look forward to tangible results.