ADEX - Experience in the production of missile systems

Experience in the production of missile systems



Christophe Ludec, Naval Defense Systems Product Executive of the company MBDA

- We represent the MBDA Company, a manufacturer of missile systems designed to protect against various types of threats at the ADEX 2016 exhibition. The company was established in December of 2001 as a result of a merger between the main producers of missile systems in France, Italy and the UK. Thus, half a century of experience in the production of missile systems has been accumulated. MBDA now occupies a leading position on the world market and in 2016 we are here at ADEX with solutions that will be of interest to potential suppliers.

We are participating in this significant international exhibition for the second time. The previous ADEX exhibition was interesting and fruitful, particularly for our company. As a result, we decided to continue the cooperation with the project managers. I think that the exhibition is fairly well-organized.