ADEX - Combat training simulators

Combat training simulators



Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, General Manager (CEO), Havelsan

- Our company has three branches, one of which is the combat management system. Havelsan also offers solutions for cyber-security issues, and is engaged in supplying products with a view to the creation of e-government systems.

We offer simulations of air, sea and land transport facilities to prepare troops for warfare. Our parachute simulator and urban warfare training simulator aroused great interest in our visitors. As you know, urban warfare is characterized by the fact that there are a large number of civilians present. By wearing virtual glasses, visitors can experience a city battle. Naturally, these simulators are just part of the training of relevant personnel.

We can positively assert that the first ADEX exhibition was very impressive for us. We hope that the second exhibition will be as productive and successful. Our representatives are planning to hold meetings with a number of Azerbaijani and foreign delegations. We are already cooperating with Azerbaijan, and the exhibition will increase the awareness of potential customers about our solutions.