ADEX - Altay Project and Ballistic Protection Center

Altay Project and Ballistic Protection Center



Ballistic Protection Center (BPC) was established in Roketsan on January 15, 2009 within the scope of ALTAY Project contract signed between SSM and Roketsan on November 11, 2008.

Being the facility which has developed the armor system that meets the ballistic protection requirements of ALTAY Turkish National Main Battle Tank, Roketsan BPC has become a technology center possessing the capability of armor systems design against possible future threats; as well as having software, hardware and test infrastructure for design and development. Roketsan BPC has also generated the industrial network together with its subcontractors for the production of designed protection systems; and is monitoring and coordinating the studies conducted regarding the ballistic protection in Turkey.

With the experience gained from design, development, production and test activities started with the ALTAY Project, Roketsan BPC has the capability of providing the most efficient solutions required for ballistic protection. Using this capability, BPC has also developed and applied various ballistic protection products/systems for Force Protection, as well as Aircraft, Helicopter and Land Platforms.

The Armor System for ALTAY Tank was designed, developed and qualified in July 2013 through the skills acquired in Roketsan BPC. Roketsan is currently performing the studies to fulfill its tasks to be assigned as a subcontractor of armor system within the scope of ALTAY Tank Serial Production Contract which is planned to be signed in 2016.