ADEX - Anti submarine warfare (ASW) rocket and launching system

Anti submarine warfare (ASW) rocket and launching system



Roketsan Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket and Launching System is one of the most modern ASW systems with its automatic engagement capability, detonation depth control due to time fuse and insensitive munition characteristics.

The Roketsan ASW Weapon System was developed to be used against subsurface targets from surface platforms which can be used at a range between 500 - 2000 m and a depth of 15 - 300 m. It can function in integration with the weapon management system and the sonar of the surface platform and has the capability of automatic target engagement.

It can be fired at targets in single or salvo modes and detonation at the desired depth can be maintained with the adjustable time fuse. Having a high explosive warhead and a rocket rotor, Roketsan ASW Rocket possesses the insensitive munitions property (IM) which is a property much desired in modern munitions.

The ASW Launching System has stabilization, automatic and manual target engagement capabilities. Fire Control System calculates the required firing principles using navigation and target information provided by the surface platform.