Product Categories

Aerospace Defence Systems  

  • Airships and powered balloons  
  • Artificial satellites  
  • Assisted eject (escape) systems  
  • Aviation maintenance equipment  
  • Avionics systems and equipment  
  • Ballistic missile defence systems and facilities  
  • Engines, equipment and components parts for aircrafts
  • Military aircrafts and helicopters  
  • Missile and artillery weapons for aircrafts   
  • Parachute packs
  • Space instrumentation technology  

Arms and ammunition 

  • Ammunition
  • Artillery weapon
  • Cold steel arms
  • Missile weaponry
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Small arms

Electro-optical equipment and systems  

  • Component parts for electro-optical, thermal imaging and laser systems
  • Electro-optical systems for space control and space surveillance  
  • Hydro-optic devices and systems  
  • Laser equipment 
  • Navigational survey systems and aids  
  • Night vision devices
  • Optical sights
  • Surveillance and sighting devices and facilities  

Electronic Warfare Systems, C4ISR 

  • Command Information Centres (CICs)  
  • Communications systems and means for armed forces  
  • Electronic warfare systems and facilities 
  • Intelligence systems and aids  
  • Jammers for wireless and cellular communications  
  • Navigation systems and aids for armed forces  

Emergency and rescue means

  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence (CBRN) systems  
  • Emergency Response and Search & Rescue Equipment  
  • Fire fighting plants and equipment   
  • Medical equipment packages   
  • Military ambulances  
  • Mobile hospitals 
  • Water treatment facilities

Military organizations / Associations / Educational institutions

Military uniforms and equipment  

  • Bullet resistant vests
  • Camouflage clothing   
  • Helmets
  • Holsters
  • Military backpacks, map boards, bags  
  • Military shoes
  • Military uniform accessories and insignia (medals, shoulder boards, cap badges, chevrons)
  • Personal hygiene among military personnel   
  • Uniforms 

Radar systems

  • Air radar systems  
  • Ground radar systems  
  • Marine radar systems  
  • Telescopic masts (antennas)  

Ships, vessels and naval systems

  • Air-cushion vessels (ACVs)
  • Auxiliary vessels  
  • Marine vessel design and upgrades  
  • Radar and navigation systems for ships  
  • Sonar systems
  • Submarines 
  • Underwater and diving equipment   
  • Warships 
  • Weaponry, component parts and engines for ships 

Simulation and training systems

  • Military simulators for naval vessels, ground vehicles and aircrafts  
  • Modelling  
  • Shooting-range equipment  
  • Small arms simulators  
  • Targeting equipment  
  • Training aircrafts 

Technology and equipment for production, maintenance and disposal of weaponry  

Unmanned systems

  • Air drones 
  • Robotic systems
  • Unmanned ships  

Vehicles and equipment for railway troops

Weapons and vehicles for ground troops 

  • Air and missile defence weapons and equipment  
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Armouring of transport vehicles and defensive armour manufacturing    
  • Artillery and missile weaponry and systems  
  • Components and accessories for military ground equipment
  • Military mobile points of command (Mobile Headquarters)
  • Military transportation resources  
  • Specifically trained dog (K9) services  
  • Systems and aids for detecting and clearing landmines 
  • Upgrade and maintenance of combat materiel and weaponry