Welcome Letters and Official Support

Dear exhibition Participants!
Ladies and gentlemen!

I am proud to welcome you at the 4th Azerbaijan Defence Exhibition "ADEX-2022", which will once again be held in the hospitable and beautiful city of Baku, the capital of the ancient Land of Fires, in a mysterious country - the embodiment of European wonder and Eastern charm.

The ADEX exhibition has traditionally become a successful meeting point for defence companies and customers. The event while bringing under its umbrella the world known defence companies has taken its rightful place among significant international events, where technological breakthroughs have gained widespread popularity in the sphere of defence & security in showcasing the high-end technology & know-how and a broad range of sophisticated weaponry & munitions.

As a result of successful reforms carried out by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Ilham Aliyev, the decent successor of the Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev’s internal and foreign policy, who had great merits in the establishment and development of national state traditions, the remarkable achievements have been attained in various fields in our Republic. Along with other areas, the successful development of the Ministry of Defence Industry in enhancing the country's defence capability is the result of the successful policy and attention of the Azerbaijani President.

The Ministry of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan also contributed to the glorious triumph of our victorious Army in the 44-day war to restore historical justice and international law, which opened a new page in the history of Azerbaijani statehood under the wise leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Ilham Aliyev. Thanks to this brilliant victory, our army has etched its name in gold on the most glorious page of the history of Azerbaijan. As part of this victory, we will take the necessary measures to equip our Army our source of pride with more modern weapons and equipment, as well as to strengthen the national defence industry and to boost the local production of military products.

With the support of the Azerbaijani President and his regular attendance, ADEX Exhibition, which will be held for the fourth time, is an effective platform in terms of establishing business relationships and new areas of cooperation for well-known military-industrial enterprises of friendly and allied nations, influential foreign companies and organizations that will attend the International Exhibition from all corners of the world.

This year’s exhibition will follow the same trend by showcasing the achievements of the national defence industry, being a vivid reflection of its sustainable development in recent years, while creating ample opportunities for its participants, experts and visitors to get familiar with new products & technologies, conduct face-to-face negotiations, share knowledge & experience, establish effective business relations with ally & friendly countries to bolster military-technical cooperation and inking lucrative contracts with potential customers and suppliers.

The “ADEX-2022” exhibition, being attended by high-ranking representatives from international military delegations, will be featuring new development trends and directions in the field of defence industry and will affirm competitiveness & capabilities of both Azerbaijan’s defence industry and that of reputable world companies with deep rooted experience in the field.

I am deeply confident that the event will contribute to maintaining security and establishing new business relationships and cooperation opportunities for all “ADEX-2022” participants.

Once again, I am proud to welcome the exhibition participants at the amazing city of Baku, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, and wish you fruitful work during the exhibition.

Honoured participants of the exhibition!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I am proud of welcoming you to the 4th Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition ADEX-2022 once again held in Baku, the capital of the ancient Azerbaijan – the “Land of Fire.”

In our world of fast globalization and constant change, countries frequently face security challenges. Amongst the measures taken in this direction, the actuality of military and military-technical cooperation, exchange of modern technologies and security means is constantly increasing.

After gaining its independence, the modern Republic of Azerbaijan has passed a successful but quite a challenging path of development. As a result of effective and successful domestic and foreign policy founded by the National Leader of the Azerbaijani people, genius and Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, and which is presently effectively and successfully continued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, great achievements have been made in the political, military and economic spheres whilst Azerbaijan has gained the ability to have its say in the world.

The historic victory in the holy 44-day war under the leadership of triumphant Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was the logical outcome of this wise policy. This glorious victory, written in golden letters in the history of Azerbaijan, will not only demonstrate the determination, unity and vigour of the Azerbaijani people, but will also become a source of pride for future generations.

As a result of the events taking place in the world and in the region, and the experience gained in the Great Patriotic War, Azerbaijan pays particular attention to strengthening and developing its defence system as well as developing and deepening international cooperation.

The establishment of the Defence Industry Complex of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the main demonstrations of this development. It is an honour that products of the domestic defence industry have been successfully used by both the Azerbaijani Army and other military units of the Armed Forces.

I strongly believe that the 4th Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition ADEX-2022, meetings and discussions to be held as part of the event will create a successful basis for further expansion and deepening of military and military-technical cooperation among countries and will contribute to the protection of security and peace and express my respect to all friendly and partner states for efficient and productive cooperation.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to the successful implementation of the 4th Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition ADEX-2022 and first of all to the organising committee, and I believe that the event you are participating in being an influential venue where military and military-technical cooperation issues are discussed, will lead to new approaches and opportunities addressing present security challenges.

Once again, I proudly welcome the participants of the exhibition and wish them a successful event.